• The journey to Wholeness and Beyond.

Working one-one allows you the opportunity to transform challenge and suffering into fuel for your leadership work. It is for you if you are deeply self responsible, ready to claim ALL parts of yourself and shift your perspective of leadership forever.

As a coach, my intention is that our work together catalyses you into social action, built on a platform of self appreciation, self awareness and embodiment.

I help you align your actions – even those that feel mundane – so that you you feel on purpose every single hour of the day. I work with your whole self – empowering you to integrate, centre and cease the exhausting juggle between parenting, relationships, wealth and vitality. I reorient your relationship with the feminine so you can find more ease, pleasure, space + intuitive knowing in your every day. And I help you know – like really know in your bones – that you are worthy, expressive, vital + wealthy.

The work we do together will change the way you see yourself, so you can bring all of your humanity, gifts and soul to the social work you are doing in the world.

During calls, I bring together motivational interviewing, coaching, energy medicine, visualisation, meditation, ritual, mindfulness, embodiment and yoga. I also bring my own deep medicine which centers on activating leadership. Each call is different, personalised and connected with a challenge of situation you are facing in life, work, love or purpose.

It is deep, catalytic work that will change your life and perspective forever.

It is for you if:

△   you want to do self empowerment, wellness or spiritual work with a view to translating it into social leadership

△   you have done loads of personal development work and still don’t feel like you have found your purpose

△   you are interested in disrupting power dynamics by empowering yourself in all areas of life

△   you are on the path of leadership and want to lead without the hustle.     

Are you ready to do this thing with me?

Here’s how it works:

Six months, six sessions. Available worldwide.

You’ll explore the principles of sacred social leadership, one-one, in deeply enriching, experiential sessions. Over the six months you’ll land in your body, ground your sacred social vision, learn feminine leadership principles, find a sense of worth, gather allies and community, learn to receive and experience pleasure, find your voice, and connect with mother earth and spirit.

Month 1
Getting to know you and your desires

Month 2
Grounding + Embodiment (base chakra)

Month 3
Creating + Feeling (sacral chakra)

Month 4
Resourcing + Worthiness (solar plexus chakra, heart chakra)

Month 5
Expressing + Communicating (throat chakra)

Month 6
Setting a course ahead (third eye chakra, crown chakra

You’ll finish the six months feeling ready to claim your leadership and bring all of your unique gifts to the light. You’ll feel vital, spacious and connected. You’ll feel empowered, expressive and whole.

You’ll feel like the sacred, social leader that you’ve always been.

You’ll receive:

△   6 x 75 minute calls via zoom (video conference) 

△   email support and additional meditations, resources, worksheets or journal prompts as needed

△   a book sent old school in the mail.

Six payments of AUD 260

Pay in Full: AUD 1500

Book a 15 minute call to find out if this program is right for you

“Meg has a unique ability to help women in moving towards their goals of health and happiness. Her work comes from the heart, motivated by a desire to help others and drawing upon her own experiences in seeking and achieving a full and rewarding life. Since working with Meg, I find myself seeking space and rest over busyness, calm over stress and anxiety, and health over illness. I know that this has made me a better friend, family member, partner and mother to my daughter who is due in 2 weeks. I will always be grateful to Meg for helping me to get to this place and I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching for women who want the same.”

Rebekah Farrell

“Meg was the confidant I never knew I needed. She just ‘got’ me and the way my mind worked – and she revealed things I didn’t even know about myself, but that now seem to explain the patterns my life has taken. I trust Meg with all of my vulnerabilities and all of my strengths. She has helped me become the independent, strong, self-nurturing woman I am today and I am eternally grateful.”

Emma Stuart

“Meg is a beautiful person who is so very talented at drawing out the essence of issues and expanding to exactly where I needed. I was feeling totally overwhelmed and so very ‘mum-tired’ and she has helped me climb back to a place of feeling like me again. I can’t say enough good things!”

Carly Dobbs