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I adore working with curious, compassionate folks

like you who desire to create a regenerative life, business, organisation or leadership style that reflects your values, gifts and social values.

meg berryman Regenerative Business

Consulting + Speaking

meg berryman Regenerative Business

It really floats my boat when I get to support socially conscious teams, businesses and organisations like yours to enhance your impact and influence, without burning out.

I bring together a multi-disciplinary skill set encompassing 11 years of program design, delivery and strategy work with grassroots organisations, activist movements, government and international organisations – combined with nearly a decade of experience supporting individuals in lifestyle design, embodied leadership, holistic wellbeing and systems thinking.

My superpower is helping your organisation or team create alignment between the way you are working and the change you’re trying to create.

By mapping what’s happening within and outside of your organisation, through collaborative conversation and by bringing a somatic/embodied toolkit to your people, I help you bring back the flow of regeneration and sustainability in your work. The result? More impact. More clarity. More connectedness. More ease. More influence.

I offer consulting focused on:

  • embodied leadership
  • holistic and embodied workplace wellness
  • strategy design
  • program design
  • facilitation
  • learning eco-system development and delivery

I offer speaking on:

  • inner regeneration
  • burnout resilience
  • sustainable leadership
  • regenerative business
  • being the change
  • putting the ‘we’ in wellness


My daily rate is AUD $750.

Get in touch so I can learn more about your vision and how I can support the amazing work you’re doing in the world.

Embodied leadership coaching

My approach as a coach is to offer a rich and supportive space where you can unplug from the conditioned ways of being, belonging and behaving in life, relationship or business - fostering an intrinsic sense of worth and wellbeing that ripples forth from the inside out.

It’s more ‘sit down for a cuppa and a chat’ vibe than ‘I’ll fix all the problems I believe you have’ kind of situation. You already possess great wisdom that can benefit you and the collective – my job is simply to help you remember it.

Sessions combine a mix of deep, nourishing conversation, human design, somatics, self enquiry, self compassion and deep ecology – curated just for you based on the intentions we set together at the start of your journey. I don’t work in an outcome or strategy-focused way – but rather in a generative, curious and embodied way.

meg berryman Regenerative Business

Individual coaching is for you if:

  • you are a leader, activist or manager looking to find more regenerative or embodied ways to create change
  • you are a business owner ready to define what sustainable success is for you and to pivot your business in the direction of regeneration, social impact and radical nourishment
  • you are in a transition within your work, family or relationships and are seeking permission to embody a slower, more sustainable and regenerative way of being that is good for you, your people and the planet
  • you are deeply self-responsible and ready and willing to integrate our work together between calls (in a gentle, and embodied way of course)


AUD $650 per month for three or six months
includes two calls per month and 30 minutes of Voxer (voice messaging) support a week.
Waitlist – to be added to the waitlist, please fill out the form below. I’ll be in touch with your offer when the next place becomes available. Once you accept your offer, you’ll receive your pre-coachin

Once-off weaving ceremony

When the conditioning and expectations that you carry from society don’t match your own innate desires and views of the world, you may feel internal dissonance, emotional discomfort and energetic disharmony.

meg berryman Regenerative Business

Your primary experiences around birth, motherhood, body, business, money and worth go on to create the narratives and bodily experience and sensations that you carry with you day in, day out. Cultures are created when many people carry similar narratives and experiences – which is why your desire to re-weave and rewrite these patterns in your body – is a beautiful gift to give to the collective and the people you love most dearly.

A weaving ceremony is a deeply nourishing space where I’ll support you to rewrite – in your body – the conditioning, narratives and stories that define your current experience of life, health, business, leadership or relationship.

I will hand-craft and curate a ceremony for you to make sense of your current experience, rewrite conditioned ways of moving and being in your body and get clarity on what you desire to create moving forward. Two hours of energetics, embodiment, nature connection, reflection, ritual and re-weaving to recalibrate, reimagine and step back into the nourishment provided by the eco-system of life

The ceremony is not a quick fix - instead, it is an intention, a rite of passage, a celebration, a homecoming. It is a reorienting, a recalibration, a course correction that will leave you feeling more hopeful, inspired, clear and embodied.


Birth weaving
Money weaving
Worth weaving
Business weaving
Motherhood weaving
Body weaving

You’ll receive

→  2 hour in person or online weaving ceremony (in person located in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia)

→  A pre-ceremony questionnaire

→  Pre-ceremony preparation instructions

→  A post-ceremony reflection pack

→  A little something posted in the mail to support your integration.


AUD $330

To book, purchase your ceremony using the Paypal link – you’ll receive an email within 24 hours with the link to schedule your ceremony and your pre-ceremony questionnaire.

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