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January 18 - June 14 2022

For years we’ve been hearing the call of regeneration from deep within our bones.

This call has seen us undergo great transformations – as we’ve come to recognise our body’s unwillingness to conform with the way things are. 

Now, we are ready to take our regeneration to the next level. To follow those life-giving impulses and steward new ways of living, being and doing business that are not only nourishing for us – but for others and the planet too.  

When we are trying to do life and business differently, we need a different kind of support space. 

A kind of space rich in wild ideas, creative conversation and earthly and bodily connection.

A kind of space filled with other souls seeking and experimenting with more regenerative ways. 

A kind of space where many forms of wisdom and beingness are valued and seen for the innate gifts within. 

A kind of space where we can experiment with embodying our values – with a healthy dose of compassion and humour woven in

A kind of catalytic space filled with inspiration and modelling of something just a little bit different…. a little bit wilder

A kind of birthplace of incredible projects and regenerative wisdom

A space where we can let it all go wild again – and see what wisdom the wilderness has in store


Wilder is an intimate six month gathering of visionaries, wanderers, wayfinders and idea weavers seeking wilder/wiser ways to live, work and raise the next generation.

Facilitated by Meg Berryman, Wilder is community space for regenerative leaders who desire inspiration, connection and resourcing. It will be based on the perspectives, practices and principles from deep ecology, trauma-informed yoga, intersectional feminism, embodied leadership, nature connection and somatic self compassion. 

It’s for leaders who are ready to make or sustain big/bold moves on life, leadership, parenting or business (all while honouring rest and regeneration as integral seasons)

It’s for leaders looking to redefine ‘work’ and find ways to integrate business, community or family in new and regenerative ways (you don’t need to be a parent to join) 

It’s for those with an entrepreneurial spirit who are ready to reimagine business or birth that wild project that has been wanting to make it earth-side

It’s for leaders looking to experiment with new ideas and explore new economies – finding regenerative ways to exchange and trade skills, wisdom and goods

It’s for leaders in recovery/regeneration from culture who are hearing the deep call of the wild/nature as medicine 

Begins January 18

Together we’ll come into circle once a month for story, play, conversation, reflection, embodiment and somatic support. The circles will be based on a monthly question – and will be a space where wild ideas are welcome, where stories are revered and where we can tap into the essence of regeneration as leaders. They’ll be filled with inspiration, creativity, curiosity and compassion – a truly communal space that ripples outward in ever expanding circles of reciprocity. They will be a touchstone to connect with and be reminded of what is possible in business and life. 

Month 1 – what do regenerative spaces look and feel like?

Month 2 – why doesn’t my body work like everyone else? 

Month 3 – why can’t I trust my wild ideas?

Month 4 – how can we redefine work and what is regenerative entrepreneurship?

Month 5 – how do we build new economies?

Month 6 – how can we seed this work further?

As part of this experience (and as part of my experimentation) you’ll also receive in the mail once a month a printed chapter of the book that I’ll be writing alongside this experience – tentatively titled Regenerative Life.  You’ll also be encouraged to weave your projects or ideas through our time together (if you desire to). 

Finally, we’ll gather once a month for a regenerative yoga/movement session focused on embodying the regenerative ways, self compassion and nervous system support.

Call times are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday evenings Australian Eastern time. 

Wilder is like a mastermind, a parenting group and a deeply medicinal healing space all woven into one. A gathering of wisdom keepers who want to fuel the fire of regeneration and give/receive support as we do. 

6 x medicinal 90 minute live group calls (replays available)
6 x monthly live group movement practices (replays available)
access to the Regenerative Ways library of meditations and resources
6 x monthly book chapters delivered by mail
Intimate and catalytic messaging group
Resource library

Wilder Full Payment
Wilder Payment Plan
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