regenerative business community

24 March - 29 June 2022

How would it feel to run a business that allowed you to express all of you?

That thrived on reciprocity?

How would it feel to create a business that was seasonal and cyclical?

That created a culture of respect and wellbeing?

How would it feel to have a business that honoured your values and ethics?

That illuminated your gifts and strengths?

That worked in collaboration with, rather than in competition to, the other parts of life?

How would it feel to be nourished by business? To be supported by it? 

And how would it feel to be part of a groundswell of activists changing the very fabric of business…

Unleashing its power as a vehicle for social transformation?

This vision of business is possible.  

This is business unbound from the perspectives and practices of business that are extractive, coercive and competitive. 

This is a new era of business stewardship. 

This is regenerative business. 

Unbound combines deep ecology, somatics, socially conscious business, systemic theory and self compassion in an extraordinary 12 week journey to the heart of regenerative business.

Through this journey you will:

  • learn how to  run a business that honours your values and mirrors the earth’s cycles and rhythms
  • develop new pathways of nourishment between your business, life, parenting and social connections  
  • build a business that allows you to express the many unique parts of you 
  • unlearn ways of doing and being in business that are harmful, extractive or coercive 
  • land more deeply in your body and build resilience and flexibility in your nervous system as you bring your work into the world   
  • create a reciprocal web of support and connection for you and your business.
You will not only tap into the resourcing of the facilitators and your peers, but you’ll join a growing community of regenerative business owners who have found new and diverse ways of being by participating in the Unbound experience (which is now in its fifth iteration).

This isn’t just a course, it is a whole eco-system designed and woven to support you in applying regenerative business principles into your life and business.

Over the three months you’ll study the principles of regenerative business – integrating them through embodiment practices, reflective exercises and community conversation. Intimate support during and between calls will support you to pivot or grow your business in a more regenerative way while also recognising the season of life you’re in. 

The Regenerative Business Principles 

  • attune to body wisdom
  • mirror earth rhythms
  • build relationships
  • foster resilience
  • challenge power dynamics
  • include and amplify diversity 
  • connect rather than compete
  • act in service of life
  • steward resources
  • foster reciprocity 

Each fortnightly two hour call will include some teaching around a principle including its practical application, some reflective and embodied practice and some group coaching time to receive individual support with your business. 

Facilitated by:

Meg Berryman

Meg Berryman is a trauma-informed coach, yoga teacher and consultant seeding and teaching regenerative ways to live, lead, learn and do business. She centres embodiment, connection and sustainability in her family, relationships and offerings – celebrating the small, the simple and the slow in everything she does.

TraceyKay Coe

 TraceyKay Coe is a systemic identity guide, constellations facilitator and coach. For over 20 years, she has been supporting people and businesses to reconnect with their original spark, ongoing story and unfolding possibilities. By deepening people’s capacity to know and relate to the essential threads of their life, she guides them to create and evolve businesses that mirror and meet their callings restoratively. Through her work, she is able to contribute to her vision: business in service of life (and not the other way around). 

8 x medicinal 120 minute live group teaching/coaching calls (replays available) 

access to the Unbound library of audios, meditations and resources

Intimate and catalytic Facebook group for individual support

Unbound is open to all aspiring and current business owners - creative, product-based and service based. Call times are scheduled for Thursday evenings at 7:30pm Melbourne, Australia time beginning March 24th. 

Unbound Full Payment

At the end of three months your relationship with yourself, the land and your business will be repaired and regenerated. You'll have gained fresh wisdom, connections and possibilities - creating a fertile soil for new seeds to grow.