we need leaders courageous enough - connected enough -collaborative enough - to model a new way of being in the world. A way that celebrates reciprocity, repair and a returning to the earth.

There’s a dissonance for many of us between the way we want to move in the world – and the ways that we actually do. 

We deeply value sustainability, slowness and community – we want to shift things in the collective – and still we can find ourselves rushing, burning out, adopting power-over tactics or favouring transactionality over deep, sustaining relationships. 

The parts of us that have found safety and love by moving in these faster, disembodied ways compete with the parts of us that yearn for more freedom, a deeper sense of health and unbridled permission to express our gifts in the world. 

There’s a tension – on the one hand wanting to plunge our hands deeply into the earth. To feel a sense of enoughness and presence. And on the other hand, not quite trusting that we’ll be safe if we do. 

The result is that we speak of slowing down, running a more regenerative business, finding more space for our own needs or more deeply embedding in community – but we never feel safe enough to actually do so.

We speak the language of regeneration – but are still yearning to more deeply embody it. Live it. Express it outwardly through the work we do and the way we live. 

It’s really difficult to transform systems while still existing within them – which is why it is vital to find spaces of support, safety and recovery – so we can continue to unlearn the postures of scarcity, hustle and disconnection – and find a deeper level of safety in slowness, sufficiency and reciprocity. 

For us. For our people. And for our communities. 

embodied regeneration is a five week immersion into embodied regeneration - a place where we will each come back to life and in so doing claim our unique gifts as wisdom keepers of regeneration.


Regeneration is the process of coming back to life – we are ready to deepen our practice of coming back to life – so we can guide and support others to do so too. 

Facilitated by Meg Berryman, embodied regeneration is an organic, immersive experience tailored for the individuals who will join. It will be based on the perspectives, practices and principles from deep ecology, trauma-informed yoga, intersectional feminism, embodied leadership, nature connection and somatic self compassion. 

It’s for leaders who have been yearning for slowness and sustainability – ready to move from speaking the language of regeneration to embodying it in business, work, community and home. 

It’s for leaders in recovery from culture who are ready to challenge the ideas of competition, extraction and scarcity from the inside out. 

It’s for leaders who desire to seed regeneration (within people, within culture, with the land) and who are wanting to find coherence between their values and how they live and lead.

It’s for leaders who are wanting to more deeply clarify and express their gifts in support of a better tomorrow.

Begins November 11 - December 9

Together we’ll work toward embodying and integrating the five codes of regeneration using nature-based play, conversation, self reflection, embodiment and somatic support.:

Week 1 – slowness
Week 2 – safety (egg)
Week 3 – sufficiency (larvae)
Week 4 – reciprocity (chrysalis)
Week 5 – wonder (butterfly) 

Call times will be decided by the group – but are tentatively scheduled for Thursday mornings AEDT. Replays available on the course platform. 

5 x 90 minute live group calls (replays available)
2 x 60 minute 1-1 calls
5 weeks of voice messaging support
Facebook group
Resource library

Embodied Regeneration
Embodied Regeneration Payment Plan

By the end of the five weeks, we'll be feeling more embodied, connected, resourced and safe. We'll have a deep knowing that we are powerful beings with unique gifts able to seed regenerative ways without burning out or sacrificing our values.

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