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A new paradigm of leadership is emerging:

One that celebrates the wisdom of the earth, the body, and the collective...
One where relationships and networks are cultivated and centered...
One where responsible and circular stewardship of resources is encouraged...
And one where social change is enacted through the ways that we choose to work, create, lead and exchange value.

It’s a paradigm where leaders and acts of leadership are unbound from traditional, hierarchical and linear constructs. Constructs that create practices and cultures that replicate inequality and cause harm. In this unbinding, people are liberated to find new and innovative ways to work, lead and exchange value – enacting an enormous creative and collaborative force destined to regenerate relationships, cultures and systems from within.

This new paradigm positions socially conscious leaders and teams as powerful, transformative messengers for individual, social and ecological change and regeneration – regeneration that starts by finding ways to work and lead that feel life-giving, resourcing and nourishing on all levels.

Unbound combines somatics, systemics, self development and deep ecology in an extraordinary six month journey to the heart of regenerative leadership and socially conscious business.

Through this journey,
you will:

  • unlearn ways of learning, leading and working that lead to disconnection with self, others and the earth
  • explore and cultivate relationships that will support you, your organisation, teams or your business to thrive
  • learn new ways to make decisions based on systemic, body and earth-based sensing
  • explore your own place in the process of regeneration – developing new awareness about your essential nature and leadership DNA
  • regenerate your relationship with your body – finding pathways for rest, renewal and regeneration within your work, activism or business
  • break down the compartments between your work and other parts of your life – finding complementarities and connections that feel resourcing, rather than depleting.
  • and explore how businesses & organisations can be a transformational force in system change.

Unbound is more than a course.

It’s a living, breathing community that’s been created to help you learn and apply regenerative leadership principles in your life, work or business in continual processes of unlearning, reweaving, rewilding and co-creation.

As with any living system, the focus will be on supporting balance, learning and sustainable growth. You, as a learner and leader with your own deep wisdom, will help mould and shape the learning experience and community from your integral place within the community – in turn, your perspectives and practice will be influenced in a gentle and inclusive way.

There are many possible outcomes that may result from your participation in the community. You may develop a deeper sense of trust in the ways that you like to lead, work and live. You may find your capacity to mentor and support others is amplified. You may experience more openness to experimentation and learning in your work – without such attachment to success or failure. You may find a deep sense of support and connection by being in a space with kindred folks. You may find a deeper resonance and greater impact in your chosen space of activism and leadership. And you may find ways to receive and exchange resources that are more nourishing, life-giving and easeful. 

Whatever your journey, we deeply trust it will be life-giving, illuminating and deeply impactful – as your participation creates ripples outward into your family, cultural, business and organisational systems.

The biome consists of:

Seed bank

Seed Bank: each seed (mini-training) unlocks a different element of regenerative business design. These seeds (there are 12 in total) can be planted within your life, business or broader social vision – and collectively, form the blueprint of regenerative business design.


Barn: celebration ceremonies create a web of support while you transition to a new paradigm of business. Regenerative business design amplifies and honours the places where energy flows – this is a space where you’ll turn your attention to where things are flowing – where you can capture, receive and store lessons and energy.  These ceremonies – taking place in our beautiful barn laden with beautiful food grown in our eco-system – are a place to honour and mark the rites of passage that you will go through as you co-create new ways of leading, learning and doing business together.


Greenhouse: constellation circles are where you’ll learn to weave the seeds into the operations and offerings of your business. These circles are where the whole group will support you to work through challenge, to earth new offerings and to tap into the essence of your work in the world and how it can shape and shift the collective. Think of them like a giant greenhouse, helping the tendrils of new life emerge, grow and take shape.

Compost heap

Compost heap: monthly grief rituals will allow you to compost unsustainable ways of being in relationship with your business, the earth and others – and let go of any accumulated projects, ideas and beliefs that are no longer needed. These powerful gatherings will create the soil for more regenerative ways of leading and nurturing your business.

You’ll receive:

  • 10 x pre-recorded audio seeds: outlining the principles of regenerative business + leadership – designed to shift your own practice and support you to share this principles in your own work and teams 
  • 3 x community calls per month (12 in total) – including Q&A calls and live learning circles
  • rituals, activations practices, journal prompts and embodiment processes provided in response to the needs and desires of the community 
  • 2 x 90 minute 1-1 coaching sessions (one with Meg and one with TraceyKay)
  • an online community of like minded souls – cultivated on rich soils of connection and collaboration
  • opening and closing ceremonies.

Session times will be decided according to the location of the group – all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the group space and have been designed to be transformational regardless of whether you’re participating live or via replay.

You’ll receive:

12 x pre-recorded regenerative business design seeds (mini-trainings)

Monthly reflection circles

Monthly Q&A calls

Additional rituals, practices, journal prompts + embodiment processes offered throughout the month. 

opportunities to invest in once-off individual coaching sessions and ceremonies will offered cyclically within the six month journey. This is a living organism – with space to respond to the group as themes emerge and capacity generate new, emergent learning experiences for the whole group. 

Session times will be decided according to the location of the group – all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the group space. The group will be small and intimate.

This journey is for you if:

  • you desire to seed or teach regeneration – within your business, organisation or team
  • you are curious about learning new ways to be, work, lead and relate that are life-giving, connective and regenerative and are willing to immerse yourself in this learning experience and community
  • you desire to deepen your knowledge and practice of socially conscious business practices
  • you are ready to deepen your impact and influence whilst simultaneously deepening your devotion to and relationship with self
  • you are curious about fostering deeper resilience to lead in ambiguous and complex environments
  • you desire to develop deeper congruence between the vision of the world you desire to see and the way that you are edging toward it
  • you want to create cultures and communities that value humans, the earth and relationships
  • you are ready to welcome a deeper, more embodied sense of worth and value – so you may share your magic more readily, more openly and in a deeply rooted way.

your investment:


USD $ 300
  • per month for four months or a total payment of USD 1200 - supported place for those experiencing financial hardship


USD $ 450
  • per month for four months or a total of USD 1800 - for previous participants of any Unbound round


USD $ 550
  • per month for four months or a total of USD 2200 - for individual business owners or activists


USD $ 750
  • per month for four months or a total of USD 3000 - for individuals supported by organisations or those desiring to support the scholarship fund.

We'd love to learn more about you...

If you’re ready to say yes to this experience, please fill out the form below to receive the enrolment pack. 

A non-refundable deposit of the first month’s payment amount is required to secure your place in the program.

For monthly payment plans: if you withdraw before the start of the program, you will receive a refund of any payments made minus the deposit.

If you withdraw after the start of the program, your subscription will be ceased but no refunds will be offered of fees paid. Your access to course content and group spaces will be revoked.

For full payment: if you withdraw before the completion of the program, you will receive a refund of any fees paid minus the deposit. If you withdraw after the beginning of the program, you will receive a pro-rata refund based on number of months remaining in the program, and whether or not you have received your 1-1 calls.


meg berryman Regenerative Business

Meg Berryman

Meg Berryman is an educator, coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher working in the nexus of ecology, social change, spirituality, sustainability and self development. Her life is an embodiment of the question – is there a better way?

She seeks to find regenerative ways to live, lead, learn, love and do business. Her absolute passion is supporting folks like you to find your true essence as a changemaker, while enhancing your capacity to experience joy, pleasure + inner regeneration as you work toward tomorrow, today.

Traceykay Coe

TraceyKay Coe is a systemic identity guide, constellations facilitator and coach.

For over 20 years, she has been supporting people and businesses to reconnect with their original spark, ongoing story and unfolding possibilities.

By deepening people’s capacity to know and relate to the essential threads of their life, she guides them to create and evolve businesses that mirror and meet their callings restoratively. Through her work, she is able to contribute to her vision: business in service of life (and not the other way around).

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