Regenerative Life

Regenerative Life

do life differently

online regenerative community - opens January 21 2021

It starts as a whisper
like wind in the leaves.
A warm caress on your skin, 
gentle like a summer's breeze.

It grows louder and more distinct,
as you curiously follow the call
tracing trickles of water over rocks, 
creeks, to rivers, and then waterfalls.

Still louder it becomes,
as you walk toward it's pulse
a heartbeat ... no, a drumbeat
a starlit night, a roaring fire's heat.

Until no longer can you ignore it
a deafening symphony she has become
earth and water and fire and wind
rising above the familiar city hum. 

This wild call of regeneration
is not an adversary you must overcome
she is the voice of your soul and the planet
the voice of generations still to come.

So follow that glorious heartbeat
through the dark night and then rebirth,
become the voice and spirit of regeneration
for you, for us and the earth.

this is my regeneration....

I am a teacher, mother, feminist and facilitator of incredible journeys seeking and seeding regenerative ways fo live, lead, work and do business. 

Following the whispers of regeneration saw me:

  • leave my well paid job and career
  • build back from burnout and autoimmune disease
  • tree change to live at the foot of a mountain
  • learn how to grow food and regenerate the land
  • birth and raise two wildlings
  • build a business and brand of my dreams 
  • step more deeply into leadership and;
  • build a web of reciprocal, supportive and loving relationships. 

With each regenerative movement I made, I built more and more courage and capacity to live life differently. To life life fully. 

With every movement I made, I came back to life and liberated myself from the expectations and rules that had held me captive. 

With every movement I made, I realised I wasn’t just healing myself. I was forging new pathways. I was way finding, voyaging and leading the way into the future – making space for others to do the same. 

Now I’ve poured all my wisdom and learning into one transformational community. A space where you can experiment, dream, unlearn, remember and rewild – a space where you can come back to life, and lead others to do so too. A place where you can build your most regenerative life one deep breath at a time. With support, encouragement, energetic resourcing and community. 

Is 2021 the year of your regeneration?

A Regenerative Life is:

A sensual feast – where you get to feel the sunlight on your skin and the earth underfoot and the salty waves lapping at your ankles

Connected not compartmentalised – it’s a life where you get to live it all in an integrated, symbiotic way – where all parts of your life complement and contribute to each other

Relational, not individualist – it’s a life where you create real, authentic relationships that enable you to share life, adventure, good food, wonderful conversation and find creative ways forward together. 

Diverse, not one dimensional – it’s where you get to be ALL OF YOU – not just the pretty, quiet, perfect bits.

Embodied and impactful – where your body leads the way and the way you lead makes way for other bodies.

Seasonal, not linear – where you work with your body, the seasons and the cycles of humanity the earth to make meaning, create ritual and find more vitality and harmony with self, earth and others.

Creative – where you get to do things just because you want to – where you get to be surprised when they turn into wondrous things. 

Spacious – where rest and regeneration are equally celebrated as expression, creation and productivity. 

A regenerative life is for you if:

you are ready to live more, lead more, learn more, create more, experience more, rest more, love more and turn those crazy, wild regenerative dreams into reality. 

This community has been created to support you to design and build your most regenerative life. It’s been build to create the connections, capacity and courage to make life-giving, nourishing decisions.

There are two options to participate in the community:

1.  design the map: complete the first module only and learn the art of regenerative lifestyle design. During this module, you’ll create a map and blueprint of your regenerative life and learn the principles of regenerative lifestyle design. 

2.  build the life:  get access to the full community space where you’ll turn your map and blueprint into your actual embodied reality, journeying through 7 areas of life. 

one module per month – join anytime + receive access to previous + future modules and lifetime access to the community. 

Module 1

Regenerative Lifestyle Design

create the map and blueprint of your regenerative life

Module 2

Reorienting and Reconnecting with Self and the Earth 

Module 3

Regenerating and Rewilding your Places and Spaces

Module 4

Regenerating Relationships 

Module 5

Regenerating your Biome + Body

Module 6

Regenerating Work Culture and Reigniting Purpose 

Module 7

Reconnecting with Ritual and Rhythm  

Module 8

Regenerating Worth, Financial Health  + Creating New Economies of Change

Module 9

Cultivating Eldership and Leading Change from Within

how it works: 

  • private Facebook community of kindred souls – your new regenerative home
  • simple, succinct and activating teaching content delivered monthly (one module per month starting January)
  • earth based practices + cycle syncing rituals
  • journal prompts, movement practices, mapping exercises, creative rituals and meditations curated into a sensual feast of  regenerative learning
  • community calls incorporating live coaching (2 per month) 
  • opportunity to receive one-one support to supercharge your journey.   

* Call times will be Thursdays at 9:30am AEDT (will change to AEST after 4 April). All calls will be recorded to watch via replay – the learning space is designed to support multiple ways of engaging with the space and content depending on your preferred learning style, desired outcomes and cycle or season of life. Your diversity in beingness, identity, expression and orientation is so welcome in this space.

enrol now

Module 1 Only

AUD $333

Module 1 + Voxer Support
AUD $777


9 x AUD $333

Regenerative Life + Voxer Support 9 x AUD $555

Payments are made monthly. A non-refundable deposit of AUD 333 is required to secure your place in the community. If you withdraw before the start of the community, you will be refunded any fees paid minus the deposit.  Module 1 participants only will not be eligible for refunds after the community opens on January 18. Full community members who wish to cancel their subscription will be asked to leave the group and have their payment plan cancelled. Voxer support is available for one or 9 months only from January 18 (30 minutes messaging per week). Scholarships are available for those suffering financial hardship – email to receive a copy of the scholarship request form.


meg berryman Regenerative Business

Meg Berryman

Meg Berryman is an educator, coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher working in the nexus of ecology, social change, spirituality, sustainability and self development. Her life is an embodiment of the question – is there a better way?

She seeks to find regenerative ways to live, lead, learn, love and do business. Her absolute passion is supporting folks like you to find your true essence as a changemaker, while enhancing your capacity to experience joy, pleasure + inner regeneration as you work toward tomorrow, today.

Traceykay Coe

TraceyKay Coe is a systemic identity guide, constellations facilitator and coach.

For over 20 years, she has been supporting people and businesses to reconnect with their original spark, ongoing story and unfolding possibilities.

By deepening people’s capacity to know and relate to the essential threads of their life, she guides them to create and evolve businesses that mirror and meet their callings restoratively. Through her work, she is able to contribute to her vision: business in service of life (and not the other way around).

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