• It’s time to gather all that you’ve learned on your path to wellness and wholeness + step into sacred, social leadership.


My name’s Meg, and I am thrilled that you have arrived here.

I am a mother, teacher, healer, podcaster and social scientist that empowers women like you to step into sacred, social leadership.

I work with:

△ conscious parents creating inter-generational change

△business-owners who want to go beyond the bottom line

△women working in the social space who want amplified impact without burning out and;

△ women-identifying leaders ready to forge a path to wellbeing based on intentional living, community, contribution + purpose.

For a long time, I thought that I was the only woman in the world who wanted to feel vital, fully expressed AND that I was living a live of contribution and purpose. Everywhere I looked in the wellness, spiritual and businesses spaces, there was so much conversation about the SELF and so little talk about the planet, or each other.

“I couldn’t imagine that there was a whole community of women using their spiritual gifts and tools to ignite change from the inside out.”

If you:

△   are very much on a path of healing, awakening + growth

△   are socially conscious with a burning desire to ignite a better future

△   are ready to claim your wild expansiveness, holistic wellbeing + your role as a sacred, social leader.

Then welcome home. This is your community.

My ride to leadership has been a wild one. I:

△   spent 9 years at university studying international development, gender and public health promotion, gaining an undergraduate and two masters degrees in areas related to social justice and social change

△   worked for the last 15 years in the international humanitarian and development sectors, travelling and working in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa from grassroots organisations right up to government and UN agencies

△   burnt out and had a total physical breakdown, leading to a cycle of learning, healing and restoration

△   disentangled myself from the false beliefs that were keeping me busy with unimportant things and disempowered in money, health, relationships and career and healed my relationship with the divine feminine

△   rebuilt my life around new values, moving to the country, having two kids, starting my wellness and yoga business and starting to call in my soul family  

△   stepped back into social leadership from a place of empowerment, self responsibility, vulnerability and a commitment to my body and the earth

△   started integrating all parts of myself and teaching a curriculum that spans yogic philosophy, feminine leadership, holistic wellbeing, social justice and social change.

Along the way, I learned a secret. I learned that it isn’t an either/or scenario where I have to choose to help myself OR help others. I learned that by feeling purposeful and meeting the very human desire to contribute, I could find unprecedented wellness, connection + vitality.

As I did the work on myself, the barriers to my social leadership started to vanish. As I owned and healed hurt parts of myself, I liberated myself from following socially prescribed ideals of success. I stopped looking for my purpose and started finding purpose in all I do. My relationships deepened and improved. My parenting became easier. My body started to feel vital. My business grew without hustling.

You don’t have to wait until you have your sh*t together to do something good in the world.

I founded the School for Sacred, Social Leaders in 2019 as a unique, catalytic, community-oriented space for women identifying leaders like you to step up and heal the blocks in the way to taking action on the biggest social issues of our time.

It came from a deep, unmet desire in me to create a kinder, more equitable and sustainable world – built on a platform of self awareness, self responsibility and self empowerment. It came from a place of deep frustration that I was spending hours and hours ‘on myself’ and not doing a whole lot to translate that change into my family, community and beyond.

Maybe you, too, are in that place. Wanting to bring your gifts to the world – but unsure how to do it. Overwhelmed with what’s going on around you, but lacking the support to step out and allow your voice to be heard.

I am here to help you:

△   identify the social change you ARE here to contribute to (and focus your efforts across all areas of life around it)

△   land back in your body and start the journey to reverence for her and the earth

△   learn the principles of feminine leadership that you can apply in your parenting, workplace or social action work

△   journey from wellness, to wholeness and beyond   

△   connect you with an uplifting, supportive and  unique community of change makers

△   heal expression blocks, give voice to your vision and resource it by building community

△   feel worthy of your leadership role so you can grab it with both hands

△   keep you in inspired action, by helping you navigate challenge and fears when they arise.  

I can’t wait to co-create some magic with you and see where our work together takes us.

Meg xo

“In the 2 years I’ve been working with Meg I can’t quite express my gratitude to her for the work we have accomplished together. Meg’s ability to hold the space and facilitate development is exceptional. With wisdom beyond her years Meg has guided me through a move across continents, ending relationships, starting new ones and starting a new career. She is a rock, ready to just be there to listen or to gently direct and always to being me back to the core message. We all need to love ourselves . I recommend her wholeheartedly. Thanks Meg, here’s to many more enlightening conversations and growth.

Jane, UK

I engaged Meg as a life coach because I was constantly getting sick. I knew what the issues were – bad diet and a lack of exercise, I just didn’t know how to fix them. Meg has helped me eat better and move more each day but she has also taught me that the problems underlying constant illness go much deeper. She taught me that being happy and healthy is not just about eating more veggies and daily yoga (both of which i can now proudly say I do!) it’s also about managing stress and anxiety and creating space in life for relaxation, self care and fun. After 3 months of coaching I feel calm, present and on my way to health. I truly know that I couldn’t have come this far without Meg’s guidance. Meg helped me form a vision of a healthier, happier version of myself, educated me on the obstacles holding me back and given me the confidence and tools to overcome them. Her philosophies and compassionate coaching style make health and wellbeing achievable and sustainable. I wholeheartedly recommend Meg’s life coaching to anyone wanting to make meaningful changes in their life’.

Rebekah, VIC